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Solution for Property Investment in Batam City

Batam is the absolute and perfect place for you to buy or invest in housing properties in a very high potential city. As the biggest city in Province of Riau Islands with 1.595 km2 total area, Batam is also known for its affordability and its easy-to-access location from Malaysia and Singapore, making this city a perfect way for investment.


With its strategic location, Batam becomes one of the largest international trade centers, which is to be seen as a very potential and prospective city for investment. For that reason, people started to invest more in housing properties such as landed houses and apartments in Batam. 


Advanced Infrastructure

Batam is way ahead of other cities in Indonesia in terms of infrastructure (Liputan6). It can be seen from the ground electricity that has been applied all over the city. The progressive change of infrastructure is also held annually by the local government in order to escalate the quality of living in Batam.

A Vibrant Port City

Its strategic location gives Batam very easy access to be involved in the international trade system, which made this city dominated by international harbor and port such as Sekupang International Ferry Terminal, Batam Center Point International Ferry Terminal, and NongsaPura International Ferry Terminal.

Tax-free Luxury Brands Paradise

Gucci, Braun Büffel, any luxury brands, just name it all! You can get them all at a more affordable price, considering Batam is a tax free zone. 

Large Businesses Melting Pot

With Batam’s strategic location and prospective potential, many business owners started to invest more by building their branch in the city. Those various sectors include infrastructure vendors, shipping companies, and hospitality industries.

Promising Investment Instruments

Portrayed as the future Shenzhen of Indonesia, Batam is expected to grow even wider in the coming years. It is not surprising that many housing developers started to expand their businesses, considering the potential increasing value of the economy and quality of life there.  

The Foremost Beauty of Nature

Breezy and calming beaches meet the spectacular sight of beautiful islands, those are some of the outstanding things you can discover around Batam. It’s also connected to overseas countries like Singapore, making your vacation more fascinating. 


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